Announcements from SIUP Forum

The 2nd SIUP Forum adjourned

After the 1st SIUP Forum, the organization became a NPO, and with many support from all, we have celebrated the 12th anniversary of the project. We held the forum under the theme of stoma survivorship —Living and supporting life with stoma— and was adjourned successfully with active discussion with 92 participants.

Time and Date Sunday, January 13, 2019 13:30-16:00
Venue Osaka University Nakanoshima Center 10th Floor Saji Keizo Memorial Hall

Newly added leaflet to support stoma users’ life

The leaflets we occasionally add according to the themes such as stoma outpatient services and preparing for disasters, are complimented that the illustrations are cute and easy to understand. You can download the leaflets from the website, so please make use of them.

The 2nd factual survey and round table discussion

We reported on the problems stoma users experience that we newly discovered through the 2nd factual survey conducted in FY2017. Also, we had an elderly stoma user, a partner of a stoma user and home care nurse give suggestions and advices from each one’s viewpoint to live and support the life with stoma.
We are now preparing to present more detailed results of the 2nd factual survey on problems stoma users experience in academic gatherings, etc.

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