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Emptying the bag

Emptying your stoma bag

How to empty your stoma bag

When you have a surgery for artificial anus or bladder, the stool or urine is output from the stoma created on your belly.

A special bag will be adhered to your belly to collect what comes out of the stoma. Several times a day, you will have to empty the bag at the toilet.

The bottom end of the bag is reclosable, so you can empty the bag from that opening.

Sit on the toilet seat as further back as possible, keeping your legs open. Crouch a little forward, open the bottom opening of the stoma bag and squeeze out the contents of the bag into the toilet bowl.

Wipe the opening clean with toilet paper and close it back securely. You do not have to wash the bag or use a special toilet.

*Some public facilities and train stations have “Ostomate toilet” where there is a toilet bowl placed in higher place so you can empty your bag in a standing position. Make use of these toilets when available.

You will need to get used to how to take care of your stoma and how to change your bag, but once you get used to it, you will be able to do almost anything you used to do before the surgery.

The pouch that collects the outputs are hidden under you clothes, so your appearance will not change externally. Any trouble such as smell can be eliminated by taking good and correct care of the appliances.

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