Our Work

Development of medical education materials

Developed “SIUP-kun” to use in pre-operative stoma guidance

A new tool to facilitate stoma education!

Using SIUP-kun will...

  • Allow the patient to conceive the image of stoma more gently
  • Allow to explain how the stoma is constructed 3-dimentionally
  • Educate correctly how the digestion route changes

Characteristics of SIUP-kun

Can be used in guidance and education for many types of stomas

Example of usage



Please utilize “SIUP-kun” for your stoma guidance.
Estimates are available through sales agents.

Sales price:56,000 yen (tax not included)

Introduction of items SIUP cooperated in the development

Voice of users of Stoma-kun

With medical staffs

The patients are able to imply and imagine correctly what they were explained in the pre-operational guidance. “It’ll look like this” “so the stool comes out of here”

With medical staffs

  • I applied it on my abdomen and tried on the appliance and found out it was difficult to see the bottom part of the appliance. I was able to experience the appliance at the same view line with the patient.
  • By conducting the marking using Stoma-kun, it was easier for the doctor too to visualize how the stoma will be, leading to a construction of an ideal stoma that looks like Stoma-kun.

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