Living and supporting life with stoma


Having a stoma doesn’t limit the things you can do. You can enjoy any sports, hobby or work by just taking a few precautions.


  • Empty your stoma bag before doing any sports.
  • When doing heavy sports, wearing an ostomy support belt or wrap will help you keep the appliances stable.
  • Sports and martial arts that apply excess pressure on your abdomen may cause parastomal hernia so consult your doctor or ostomy outpatient services.
  • If you sweat a lot during the sports or if you engage in water sports, the adhesives of the skin protector may dissolve, so take necessary countermeasures such as to exchange your bag earlier than normal or to apply water resistant tapes around the stoma face plate for protection.

Enjoy a lively and active holiday

Junpei-san has a stoma
but he is in good shape, working hard
and today, he is playing golf with his colleagues.

The stoma doesn't seem to keep
Junpei-san from enjoying the golf.

After the round, he seems to be heading for the bath.

Junpei-san goes to the restroom and folds up the stoma bag so it doesn’t stand out.

Junpei-san has taken a place on the left of the other bather so his stoma on his left side isn’t seen.

Little tips like Junpei-san’s will help you
enjoy your work and life.

Encounter with an ostomate

Torao-san is 70 years old
and is a veteran gardener.

He easily carries around heavy ladders
and cuts the branches high above.

The trees now look clean.

“How about some tea?”
“I have a stoma”
“May I use the restroom before the tea?”
“Really? I do too”

It seems Torao-san is a stoma user like Junpei-san.
“Oh? You have it on the left side? I have mine on the right.”

The stoma bag is made of
strong, breakproof material
so Torao-san can work without worries.

Junpei-san seems to have learned the difference between
urostomy and gastrointestinal stoma (ileostomy/ colostomy).
Also seeing Torao-san healthily working has
cheered Junpei-san up.

Ostomy outpatient services

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