Living and supporting life with stoma

Pregnancy and birth

Stoma will not keep you from having an intimate life. After the surgery, if you are physically recovered and feel mentally ready, you can start having sex. Take your time to adjust.

In some cases, infertility problem may occur depending on the type of the surgery. If you are having problem, consult your doctor.

To avoid the stoma bag from distracting you, you may want to prepare in advance such as by emptying the bag and using an appliance that doesn’t stand out.

Advices for a smooth intimate life

  • Empty the stoma bag beforehand.
  • If you don't want the stoma bag to show too much, you can use a compact-sized or skin-colored stoma bag.
  • A stoma cover might help too.

Intimacy, pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth are big events in your life. Using a stoma does not change that.
Prepare for your pregnancy by discussing well with your doctor about the disease you have and the influence of the surgeries on intestinal adhesion or on fertility.

Association of young women with an ostomy

Yoshiko-san is having a baby.

“Oops? The stoma bag doesn’t stay stable probably because of my big belly... the WOC nurse told me that the stoma may get swollen too.”

The stoma can easily bleed when its swollen, so wash it gently.

You can have babies like Yoshiko-san even if you have a stoma. Prepare for the baby asking support from people around you like Yoshiko-san and enjoy your pregnancy life.

Ostomy outpatient services

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