Stoma: True? False!

Q1.Do you implant something artificial into your belly?


No. A new outlet for the waste is created through your abdominal walls with your own intestine. No machinery or devices are used.

Q2.Doesn’t it hurt?


No. Of course, at first, you will have the pain from the surgery, but the stoma itself does not have any nerves so you cannot feel anything with the stoma.

Q3.Is stoma a wound?


No. The stoma is red and looks as it hurts, but you don’t need to cover it with gauze or disinfect it.

Q4.How do you take care of your stoma?


Wash it gently with soap and warm water. Most people do that while they are in the shower or bath.

Q5.Do you need to disinfect the stoma appliances?


No, you don’t need to disinfect. You replace disposable bags every two to three days, so you don’t need to wash or disinfect your appliances.

Q6.Can you take a bath with the stoma?


Yes. There are smaller, compact-sized stoma bags and skin-colored tapes to hide the appliance. You can also go swimming like Kosuke’s grandpa.

Q7.Is it true that you can’t wear jeans?


No, it is not true. You can wear jeans. You can also wear kimono, swimming suits, panty stockings, girdles, etc.

Q8.Can you sleep on your belly?


Yes. You can do head stands too.

Q9.Do you have any food restrictions?


Basically not. You can drink alcohol too if your doctor allows you.

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