What is stoma (colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy)?

What is stoma (colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy)?

Also called artificial anus and artificial bladder,
it is an opening constructed on your abdomen to alternate the function of the intestines or bladder that are removed.
It is called “artificial” but no mechanical devices are used. A small part of your intestine or ureter is brought out to the surface of your abdomen to “artificially” create an outlet for the feces.

What is stoma (colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy)?

Who are the ones that need stoma?

Cancer isn’t the only disease that might make you need a stoma.
You may need a stoma due to an accident or other inflammatory diseases in your digestive tract.

How do you pass stool or urine after an ostomy surgery?

The stool or urine will be output from the “stoma” that is constructed on your abdomen. A special pouch is adhered to your belly to collect the output. Then the bag is emptied into the toilet.

How to care your stoma (colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy)

Does the stoma restrict your everyday life?

You will need to get used to how to take care of your stoma and how to change your bag, but once you get used to it, you will be able to do almost anything you used to do before the surgery. The pouch that collects the outputs are hidden under your clothes, so your appearance will not change externally. Any trouble such as smell can be eliminated by taking good and correct care of the appliances. So you will be able to do anything from working, traveling, sports or even going to onsen (hot spring). There are many people that play golf, go swimming, wear kimonos for work and as hobby, go traveling overseas and of course, go to onsen, with stoma.

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