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What to do when disaster occurs

You never know when a disaster will happen. Prepare yourself for disasters so you don't have to worry in case of emergency.

Preparing for disasters

  • Have a travel bag ready in preparation for disasters with 10 days' supply of stoma bags and stoma care supplies necessary to change the bag .
  • There might be cases where you may not be able to take out the bag from home. If it is possible, have someone such as your relatives to keep some extra for you.
  • It may be difficult irrigate your stoma in an emergency situation due to limited place and water so be prepared to be able to change to natural evacuation.
  • You may have to use stoma appliances different from what you usually use. If you are using precut face plates, it might help to practice and be familiar with cutting the hole by yourself.
  • Make sure you can say the name of the product you are using. If that is difficult, you can cut out the part of the box of the appliance that has the product name and number and carry it with you all the time so you can show that in case of emergency.
  • It is convenient if you have an ostomate emergency card with you.

List of things to have ready

  • Stoma appliances (pre-cut the holes for your face plate) 10 days’ supply
  • Other stoma care supplies you use when changing your stoma bag (skin protector paste or powder), scissors,
  • wipes, tissue paper, trash bag, etc.


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