Living and supporting life with stoma


After the surgery you can return to work once you are recovered physically and mentally. At your workplace, keep an extra set of appliances and stoma care supplies in case you need to change your bag. You may worried of the smell when you are emptying your bag in the shared restroom in your workplace. In such case, you can use a room refreshener or deodorizer.

It will be better to tell your boss and some supportive colleagues that you have a stoma if you need support in case of emergency like a sudden change in physical condition or with your work.

You can do almost any job even if you have a stoma, but heavy labor or jobs requiring lifting of heavy objects may cause complication such as parastomal hernia so consult your doctor before doing such jobs. In some cases, it will be better to take preventive measures like wearing supportive belts to work.

Precautions to take when going back to work

  • Have extra appliances and stoma care supplies you need to change your stoma in your workplace.
  • If you are worried about smell, use deodorizers.
  • In some cases, it is better to let your boss or people around you know about your stoma.
  • It will be convenient if you knew the restrooms you can use on your commuting route.

A favorite bathroom will help

Junpei-san is a businessman.
He is preparing to go to work as usual.

Junpei-san commutes by train.
The train is always crowded.

“I am feeling a bit sick...”

It seems
Junpei-san is having a stomach ache.

“Maybe I ate too much at the party last night”

Junpei-san always checks which restrooms are spacious and not so crowded
and which station has such restrooms.

If you know where the restrooms that are easy to use are
you will not have to worry even in case of emergency

“I am ready to work today too!”

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