Our Work

Awareness raising

Started distribution of leaflet “What we want you to know about stoma”

On December 2009, we created a leaflet to raise the awareness about stoma. The project was conducted under the grant from the Osaka Community Foundation and with the collaboration of students from Osaka University of Art.
(Produced by:Kohei Yamakawa Illustrated by:Kasumi Nagai)

Local clinics are helping us distribute these leaflets. They are also available in PDF format from below:

Activities conducted under grant

  • FY2008 Research Grant for Shimadzu Science Foundation
    “Quantification of needs for stoma users concerning stoma recognition of the public, medical workers and families”
  • FY2008 The Osaka Communication Foundation “Production of leaflet to promote the correct knowledge of stoma to the public”

We introduced the SIUP’s activity at the Japan Ostomy Association Hyogo Center

Support on medical techniques for the movie “Your Home” (university graduation production)

*This movie received grand prix in the 32nd Pia Film Festival 2010.

We provided medical technique support for the movie “Your Home” themed on the life of a stoma user. The movie illustrates “what spouses are” and “what is to live like yourself” through a husband who receives stoma construction surgery and his wife that supports him.
”Your Home” will be shown in the 32nd PFF Japan Tour (Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagoya) and also in the 23nd Tokyo International Film Festival to be held in Roppongi Hills at the end of this month.

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